With new mortgage products being added everyday and mortgage rates constantly changing due to the hyper-competitiveness in the mortgage lending market, homeowners need to take a proactive approach in managing their mortgage. Doing so will ensure they are getting the lowest rate and optimally building their net worth on way to achieving financial independence.

We offer a complimentary mortgage checkup for homeowners with existing mortgages. Together, with a Sleep Easy Financial mortgage strategist, we will:

  • Conduct a Needs Assessment to determine if there are any needs, either now or in the future, that can be addressed through mortgage financing,
  • Check “under the hood” of your existing mortgage to see if you’re taking full advantage of your mortgage’s privileges,
  • Determine if there is an opportunity to save you thousands of dollars by taking advantage of a lower mortgage rate,
  • Explore if investing in real estate makes sense to your situation.

So many of our mortgage checkups have resulted in homeowners saving several thousands of dollars by switching their mortgage to a lower rate. We have also encountered situations where after reviewing a homeowner’s existing mortgage, we discovered their closed mortgage became fully open after a specific period of time and they were able to switch midterm to a lower rate mortgage without any prepayment penalties whatsoever!

We invite you to contact us or schedule a complimentary mortgage checkup with a Sleep Easy Financial mortgage strategist to see if you are getting the most from your existing mortgage.


Mortgage Services by Sleep Easy Financial include: Home Purchase Plan | Mortgage Checkup | Home Purchase Financing | Mortgage Refinancing / Equity Take-out | Mortgage Renewal / Transfer | Self-Employed Mortgage | Mortgage Pre-Approvals | First Time Home Buyer Mortgage | New To Canada Mortgage | Home Equity Line Of Credit | Second Mortgages | Reverse Mortgages (CHIP)

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